Why And How To Use TikTok In B2B Marketing

Photo by Olivier Bergeron on Unsplash

The TikTok app is known for its engaging and authentic content. TikTok is frequently used in B2C marketing strategies, like many other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. However, it is very rare to see TikTok within a B2B marketing strategy.

However, B2B companies utilize TikTok more frequently to increase their online visibility. Here is why and how to use this social media in your B2B marketing strategy.

5 Reasons To Be Present On TikTok

The number of people on the app is constantly changing

It’s no wonder that most people who end up on the app are between 18 and 34. It is a dynamic and young mobile application that has quickly attracted young people from its inception.

Over a billion people are reportedly TikTok subscribers! According to TikTok, 700 million users are active each month)! In their digital marketing strategy, businesses must recognize this market.

Users are active

It is essential to understand that even before opening the application on the mobile, the user knows that he is committing to a so-called immersive experience. Indeed, users understand that the platform focuses on the interactions between users and their video content.

To benefit from the TikTok experience, the user must look at his screen and have the sound of his device at a reasonable volume. For these reasons, the video format is the only content format that can grab our full attention online!

It is easy to attract users’ attention.

As mentioned above, with its video content in full-screen format, TikTok gets the entire focus of its user. Impossible to be distracted by other applications since TikTok occupies the device’s whole screen. But be careful; all it takes is a simple swipe up to disappear from this screen too!

Someone is (probably) already doing it.

There are more than just users and well-known personalities on this platform. Companies of all sizes and all sectors of activity are also present and active on TikTok. We can think of large companies like Microsoft or local shops.

However, only 4% of businesses have used TikTok in their marketing strategy. In contrast, 89% of companies have included Facebook in the same strategy. Only 4% of firms for 1.5 billion people is a fascinating and significant number to consider for your future digital marketing plan. Take advantage of this opportunity for your business — it comes along rarely.

It’s fun!

Indeed, TikTok is only for some businesses. Like other social media platforms, it’s up to you and your company to choose to follow suit on TikTok and find the right way to intervene. The TikTok application is an opportunity to connect with your customers pleasantly and quickly.

B2B Marketing On TikTok

To interact

Whether it’s TikTok or any other social media app, the goal behind it remains the same: to connect with its customer base and followers. Two tactics are available to you on TikTok to encourage interactions between your company and users of the platform: hashtags (or hashtags) and the question/answer function.

To show the fun side.

One of the stereotypes of B2B marketing is that it is traditional and has a reputation for being severe and applying conventional methods to its practice. Staying in these stereotypes is not an obligation! TikTok can allow you to embrace your more accessible and fun side while helping you stand out to the audience.

To reuse and recycle your content

In addition to embracing your humorous and authentic side, video content on TikTok can help you generate leads through informative and educational content.

You already make this content on your website or blog, and it is possible to integrate it on TikTok in video format. It is optional to create new content for each of the different platforms. By applying a method of reusing your content, you demonstrate to your TikTok audience your expertise and leadership in your field.

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