What Is Human-To-Human Marketing And How Does It Work?

H2H Marketing

For a few years now, we have seen the notion of human-to-human marketing.

At the center of this concept: are hyper-connected consumers and the Internet.

With the liberalization of trade, globalization, the sale of know-how, the diversity of cultures, and the creation of new technologies, the consumer can access all kinds of products and information instantly.

Thus, it would be best if you focused on creating human-to-human (H2H) connections to communicate more effectively with your target.

What Is Behind The Concept Of Human-To-Human Marketing?

H2H marketing, or human-to-human marketing, represents the concept that behind every business is a living human being who makes decisions about a business.

Therefore, human-to-human marketing is very simple: one human being buys from another.

Being an H2H brand is not just about saying that you are more “human.”

It requires storytelling and authentic expertise consistently delivered through an inspiring experience. It takes much work — to establish customer-focused organizational values ​​and commitments while orienting them to day-to-day decision-making.

Thus to sell well, it is necessary to prioritize the human for the consumer’s benefit, relegating to the background the authority and the power of the company.

Companies must now develop direct, targeted, unique, and personal communication with their prospects.

Conversational marketing then takes on its full meaning: real conversations, strong emotional ties, you become interesting instead of being interested!

The Future Of H2H Marketing And The Importance Of Content Quality

As bots and artificial intelligence prevail in the era of highly digitized marketing, the “human” factor can be a huge differentiator for businesses. Indeed, by putting yourself in the shoes of the consumer by humanizing your marketing, you strengthen their confidence in your brand.

As you know, when a consumer discovers that he has a problem, he researches the Internet to find a solution. But before making any decision, he seeks reassurance.

A great boon for your company: the time has come to offer him an answer to his question, to create personalized content to mark his spirit! The more relevant your content, the more engagement it will have.

Good content can multiply interactions with your audience. It is preferable to obtain motivated contacts interested in your offer to publish good quality and informative content regularly.

But what is good content? A humanized marketing?

A humanized brand is a company capable of saying to its consumer: “I am listening to you, I know what you want, I know what you need, and I know what you appreciate.”

To Adapt H2H Marketing, Your Content Must:

Be Conversational: Reach out on social media;

Show Empathy: Tell them you care;

Be Inspirational: Human beings like to know that someone or something can help them improve their lives and push them toward success.

Solve Problems: Help consumers use your products and solve their problems.

Because ultimately, on closer inspection, no one buys from a company: we buy from other people.

Your customers don’t care if you do marketing; they want you to help them solve their problems!

How To Implement Your HtoH Strategy?

A good marketing strategy does not sell; it helps. So to bring value to your prospect, you must accompany your prospects in their purchase thoughts.

But how to do it? How to put people back at the center of marketing?

The easiest and best way is to put yourself in your prospect’s shoes to understand their feelings. This step is fundamental to lead him further and further in his purchasing journey.

Your interlocutor must feel understood and listened to.

Here is a very effective HtoH strategy:

Speak Like A Real Person:

Use sentences easily understood by everyone. We tend to write too formally. The easier you make things for your readers, the more credible and trustworthy you will be.

Use Stories To Be More Memorable:

You helped a client out of a bad patch and made them the hero of your success. A communication campaign that makes you want to buy a product is a campaign.

Be Transparent:

It’s never very pleasant to highlight your imperfections, but isn’t that a human trait? Even companies make mistakes. Anticipate the concerns and objections of your buyers, and always be honest with them.

Humanize Your Robots:

Humanize your robots if you use bots. Your visitors know it is a robot, but there are other reasons to make your exchanges impersonal. Use casual, conversational language; give your robot a name, photo, sense of humor, etc.

Incorporate User Generated Content (UGC):

Let your fans promote your brand.

From now on, people no longer trust messages from traditional marketing. They want to have real people in front of them.

So stop trying to be perfect in all circumstances, speak like a real human, add fun and humor to your messages, and above all, stay focused first on the context than the content.

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