The 7 Phases Of Developing An Website

Photo by Lee Campbell on Unsplash

Following this process, you can make web pages more functional and friendly for digital environments.

Phase 1 — Analysis

The website’s goals, target audience, and purpose must be identified during this phase.

Phase 2 — Planning

It is essential to define the site map and measure the project’s size and scope because this enables us to develop our website’s framework and technological foundation.

Phase 3 — Design

During this stage, we must focus on the site’s visual design, which has clear communication, and colors representing the brand or product. It is vital to concentrate on the concepts of usability (user-friendliness), UI, and UX; these enable the website to be helpful in addition to having attractive graphics and generating more revenue.

Phase 4 — Contents

At this stage, we must concentrate on writing texts correctly, including images and videos, with optimization for the web and optimization for search engines (SEO). The contents are the raw material of our project; these depend to a large extent on the success because, after all, it is what our users will use.

Phase 5 — Development

At this point, the site is developed by using programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, PHP, and databases. Functional aspects such as adaptive design (responsive size) are also important; this will allow compatibility with mobile devices and reach a more significant number of users.

Phase 6 — Testing

Technical tests must be carried out for the proper functioning of the web page, compatibility with web browsers is checked, and it is essential to check if the website meets the purpose set out in the initial objectives.

Phase 7 — Launch

Once the website is published for the public, constant monitoring must be carried out to avoid technical failures. It is also necessary to maintain the website, not only in technical matters but also in updating content.

The 7 stages mentioned above make it easier to construct a website, but the effort continues beyond there. After all these development stages, it’s crucial to execute a digital strategy that keeps the website updated so that it starts to evolve in terms of the information and content that users view.

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