SaaS Product Development ft 2BTech

2BTech has created different SaaS solutions. This experience has been transformed over time into a specific method to provide software for our clients with outstanding performance

The development of SaaS, according to 2BTECH.

Our development method enables us to intervene at any point in your product’s life cycle.

In any case, we presented our efforts to develop the SaaS product.

Product strategy is the heart of everything we do

Do you have a new product idea or want to conquer new markets with an existing product? It’s all about strategy!

We believe that an effective strategy is essential to ensure the success of your product development efforts.

We establish the framework with a roadmap for product growth and development. We have a one-day meeting called a strategy workshop to create the product strategy.

In certain circumstances, the strategy workshop might develop new ideas that require testing with potential customers. Market validation is an essential part of product development. Whether you start with a concept, a prototype, an MVP, or an established product, feedback is necessary for your success.

A strategy workshop is the first step for a new client, but it’s also worth going back to a strategy discussion if you plan to make significant changes to your product.

Once we’ve consolidated your product strategy and roadmap, you’re ready to move into design or development, depending on whether you already have a working product.

Product design brings new ideas.

We work with you to prioritise features while developing your product roadmap. Our development strategy is determined by where your product is in its life cycle: concept, growth, or expansion.

If your product or core feature is still an idea, you must make it a reality.

Within five days of intense effort, our Design service transforms your idea into a clickable prototype.

The design of the product is essential for new applications. When we add significant changes or functionality to an existing application, we may also go back to product strategy and design in response to feedback from the market.

Product delivery results in continuous improvement

When your prototype is ready, we move to your software’s first fully functional version with all its core functionality, your MVP (minimum viable product). This first usable version can be ready for launch in 4–8 weeks.

You may have already passed the MVP stage and are looking to meet the needs of a growing number of users or the demands of a new market. Often startups and software creators come to a point where they need help to improve their capabilities.

At this point, we enable you to realize near-immediate gains by implementing best practices, helping your team prioritise, and making continuous improvements to have the most significant impact.

We develop products in 1–2 week sprints. You can thus follow our progress and carry out regular tests with users. This technique allows us to get feedback and improve as effectively as possible.

A very knowledgeable 2BTech project manager guides you from strategy to design and development.

Our unique approach

We have been developing software we have also developed a few software startups. We’ve been in your shoes before and worked with companies at all stages of their growth.

Our approach, the 2BTech method, and all the know-how our team has acquired over the years are at your service. 2BTech services are structured to bring incredible benefits, regardless of the stage of development of your product.

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