How to Increase Sales with Social Media Strategy

Does your social media strategy align with the 5 stages of the customer journey?

Do you have any KPIs from your social media content? If not, then this article is for you.

Each stage of the customer journey is unique, depending on the prospect’s circumstances, so we must develop a social media plan to assist customers at each stage.

Align Your Social Media Strategy To The Customer Journey Map


Your goals at this stage of the journey should be:

  • Provide quality and appropriate information to potential customers
  • Answer questions.
  • Gain the trust of these prospects
  • Create interest

Social Media Strategy For Awareness

  • Social media ads
  • Influencer marketing
  • Content marketing on social media platforms


In this stage, the user begins to consider your product as a possible solution to his problems.

The objectives in the consideration stage should be:

  • Present your products as a solution
  • Explain its advantages and justify the prices (quality/price ratio)
  • Keep the interest of the consumer, identifying ways to reduce the rate of abandonment (Bounce Rate)
  • Help customers find what they are looking for

Social Media Strategy For Consideration

  • Posting client testimonials on social media sites
  • Use video content to demonstrate the solution to prospect problems.
  • Give customer support on social media platforms.


Conversion occurs when you receive the first order from a customer.

Additionally, you may want to have the following goals in the acquisition stage

  • Ensuring excellent customer service
  • Provide access to the information that the client needs promptly.
  • Ship your orders as soon as possible
  • Obtain customer contact information, such as email.

Social Media Strategy For Conversion

  • Integrate your website with your social media channels
  • The promotion offers on social media
  • Introduce contests and Giveaways
  • Create the referral program
  • Promote free shipping often.


Retention is the stage where you manage to retain customers or lose them.

At this stage, it is recommended:

  • Make sure customers stay engaged with the brand.
  • Try to collect feedback and respond.
  • Make relevant offers.
  • Make the customer feel like they are part of your brand’s community.
  • Encourage them to buy again.

Social Media Strategy For Retention

  • Build communities for the customer
  • Respond to customer feedback
  • Introduce loyalty cards to customers
  • Make your customer the brand ambassador

How successful brand align social media strategy to customer journey map

A Brand should align the strategy according to the customer journey. Furthermore, I identified that many brands’ social media strategy is limited to visual content.

Many successful brands use social media sites to achieve the goals of the customer journey.

Airbnb’s Instagram content is characterised by high originality and aesthetic appeal, which help in the consideration stage of the customer journey.

Cadbury dairy milk runs regular competitions through Twitter to win their products, both in the form of interactive games which help in the purchase stage of the customer journey.

Taco Bell regularly posts bite-sized content on Vine and Instagram and longer-form content on YouTube and VEVO. This strategy creates awareness.

Sephora builds a community where clients can explore products interactively, share insider tips and advice, and live chat with one another; that strategy leads to the retention phase.

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