Discover the Top 10 Ingredients for a Campaign that Breaks the Internet!

80% of online businesses use viral marketing techniques. A strategy that consists of disseminating strong information about a brand, product, or service with the aim of obtaining rapid commitment The objective of viral marketing is to generate, in a short period of time, a very strong reputation and a large volume of sales.

In addition to the exposure generated by this strategy and the increase in turnover, viral marketing offers:

  • Reduced advertising costs
  • Remarkable Growth
  • Strengthening credibility and brand image
  • A widening of its audience

So how do you launch a marketing campaign that will go viral? The answer lies in 10 key ingredients for success.

An Attractive Visual Strategy

A viral marketing campaign should tell a story! And that story is best told using visuals that resonate with your audience.

Whether it’s a video, GIF, or meme, your visual strategy should be interesting, informative, and contain an element of intrigue, such as humor or hope.

Hand-Picked Characters

Cats are kings on the internet; this is nothing new. In general, animals are on the rise in marketing.

It’s a matter of character. Cats are going viral because they’re adorable, fun, and happy. Like most pets.

For a campaign to go viral, you have to find the character who will arouse emotion in your audience. It can be an animal, a mascot, a baby, or even an imaginary creature. The main thing is to captivate your audience and send them a message that allows them to identify with the character or their entourage.

A Healthy Dose Of Creativity

Marketing campaigns only go viral if they are based on a unique, interesting, and innovative idea. You must stand out! Even if you’re riding a trend, explore the concept from an original, even provocative, angle.

During the second confinement, Burger King did what no brand ever does: encourage purchases from the competition. Indeed, the restaurant chain has encouraged consumers to order meals from restaurants. It doesn’t matter which ones. Through print and digital advertisements, Burger King has thus established itself as the defender of the restaurant industry, as a sign that thinks of the sector of activity as a whole rather than of its own income.

A strong campaign that generated numerous subscriptions and inevitably benefited the restaurants in the chain!

Easy-To-Share Content

For content to go viral, it needs to be shared over and over again. In addition to promoting it on all your channels (website, blog, social networks, emailing, etc.), you must encourage sharing with your audience. How ?

  • Enable sharing, embedding, and downloading features across all of your content.
  • Create calls to action or items that encourage people to share your communication with their friends.
  • Ask questions that spark discussion.
  • Create a hashtag for the campaign.

The Contribution Cf Influencer Marketing

The key word in viral marketing is “viral,” of course. The success of your campaign depends on its ability to spread quickly to a qualified audience. Relying on influencers is, therefore, the ideal way to quickly deploy your message.

Supporting Social Media Ads

One of the ways to increase the reach of your campaign is to advertise it on social media. They have more than 4 billion users. This is a great help for virality!

The Right Timing To Create Your Viral Campaign

Trending topics, current events, or periods of the year (high holidays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.) offer a good opportunity to make your marketing campaign go viral. At these different times, users are more receptive and inclined to share the next piece of content that will appeal to their emotions.

Especially if it is seasonal and evokes a current event or problem.

Good Use Of Cognitive Biases

Viral marketing campaigns take advantage of common human motivations. What drives users to share? The desire to belong to a group, the lure of gain, the thirst for popularity, the desire to be liked and understood, the desire to communicate…

Design a marketing strategy that relies on common motivations and behaviors to increase the virality of your campaigns.

Choosing The Right Platform

Quality rather than quantity plays an important role when it comes to choosing the right channels. You don’t need to be on every platform to go viral. On the contrary, opt for those whose full potential you can use without any constraints.

It also depends on where your audience is. If you’re targeting an older audience, Facebook and Twitter can be helpful. If you are looking for millennials and young people, Instagram and Tik Tok are more suitable.

A Hint Of Nostalgia

Retro marketing, or nostalgia marketing, is particularly effective. Calling on childhood memories is the best way to arouse emotions and make your audience react. Many brands know this and use this strategy to strengthen their marketing campaigns. So, if you can add nostalgia to your communication, you can easily generate buzz.

So, are you ready to create your viral marketing campaigns?

To create a viral campaign, one must use the appropriate codes. These 10 ingredients will help you create the next campaign everyone is talking about!

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