CRM for Fintech: Learn How to Generate More Qualified Leads

If the marketing campaign for your fintech aims to generate more qualified leads and improve the targeting of your actions, the first step towards this achievement may be the implementation of a good CRM.

However, the high competitiveness and the large volume of existing solutions challenge these companies to stand out and reach their leads more efficiently.

And this is exactly where the big key to success comes in: a good CRM for fintech.

Do you want to know more about the topic and how the ideal CRM can take your fintech to the top of the market? So stay with us until the end!

Why does it make sense to invest in a good CRM for fintech?

Have you ever stopped to notice that the main marketing strategies used by successful fintech today are much more aimed at selling experiences than actual solutions?

This serves to prove that the financial market is already full of products and services and, consequently, the consumer wants something different that brings benefits to his routine.

Therefore, betting on a CRM for fintech makes it possible for your business to act differently and innovatively, presenting new options to the market that, in many cases, traditional banks still do not do.

In other words, a good CRM added to efficient marketing actions for fintech, can provide a business model based on personalization and offer a new relationship between people and their money.

This is because a CRM for fintech can serve as an intuitive platform, contributing to the optimization of tasks, increasing the intelligence and efficiency of your teams, measuring results more practically, and generating much more satisfactory returns to your campaigns.

Briefly, we can summarize three basic factors that a CRM for fintech can add to your routine. Are they:

  • Flexibility;
  • Scalability;
  • Data-Driven Culture

And how can a CRM for fintech generate more qualified leads?

By optimizing your activities and actions, being able to identify who your potential customers are, and knowing the best way to communicate with them, the CRM will serve as a complete and dynamic platform to achieve any desired result and generate more qualified leads for your business.

And to understand how all this is possible in practice, we highlight some differentials that only a good CRM for fintech can provide. Check out!

- Improves collaboration and information exchange

Much more than exploring new markets, a CRM makes this task much more practical, efficient, and intelligent. After all, as well highlighted, this tool adds a data-driven culture to companies and, therefore, all information managed by your team becomes data-based.

And this is not just limited to commonplace data such as name, telephone number, and e-mail address, among others. A complete CRM can provide access to a series of valuable and extremely important information for any successful inbound marketing campaign, such as activities on social networks, most viewed content, lead behavior on your pages, and so on. With this information available, it is possible to carry out more targeted and assertive campaigns for your target audience.

- Optimizes data collection and storage

Taking advantage of the previous hook, another indisputable advantage of a good CRM for your fintech marketing campaign refers to the ability to collect and store this data.

After all, as everyone knows, today it is inevitably necessary to generate incalculable volumes of information daily, which few solutions and software can do with such efficiency.

And this, in practice, can generate unnecessary time and effort for your marketing team to be able to access and use such collected information to create detailed lead profiles and activity history.

- Quickly identify actions for lead nurturing

Agility and practicality are two essential factors in a CRM for fintech and you can already imagine why.

Now, if there is the possibility of automation through intelligent tools, why insist on manual activities and other complex solutions for routine tasks? Here we can highlight items such as:

  • Prepare the same email;
  • Attach the same document in messages;
  • Select and organize the appropriate recipients;
  • Use the same answer for certain approaches.

By defining a well-detailed and organized repository, which has well-defined triggers, all these activities become automated and, if necessary, without the intervention of a salesperson just for that.

- High long-term return on investment

From efficient automation of bureaucratic and repetitive tasks and activities, your team gains more time and space for actions that have a high impact on the customer experience, which enables more personalized approaches, broader opportunities for contact, less consumption of resources, and more satisfactory results.

All of this guarantees a faster and more solid return on investments in your marketing, sales, and even contracted tools.

In summary, these are some differentials of how a good CRM for fintech can add to your company’s routine and marketing campaigns, bringing incomparable results and being much more efficient than any other type of tool or conventional solution.

And if you want to develop CRM for your fintech business and get to know in practice how a CRM can generate better results for your sales and generation of qualified leads, be sure to schedule a conversation with 2BTech Leading Digital Agency