Cracking the Code: The Secret to Selling Anything with Marketing- Even a Rock

Marketing Strategy

How You Can Sell Anything Like Rock With The Power Of Marketing

Marketing is the art or skill of selling something to somebody — something they don’t actually need in their lives.

In simple words, marketing is about generating needs.

I am sharing with you the story of a millionaire who became rich just by selling stones with the right strategy and power of marketing.

The roads to getting rich are inscrutable. Even the most absurd business can succeed if it has the right marketing to promote it.

This is the case of George Dahl, a visionary who became a millionaire on Christmas Eve 1975 with an idea as simple as it was revolutionary: selling stones as pets.

One day George was in a bar with two friends, having a few drinks. In the middle of the conversation, his colleagues complained about the work their pets gave them. You have to clean them, walk them, feed them, and teach them.

He jokingly explained to them that he had no problem with his pet because it was a rock. This anecdote, which Dahl himself told in interviews, made him think that perhaps it could come true.

A Simple Idea

He started to work on the idea by putting his knowledge of marketing and advertising to use. When he had it outlined, he searched and found a couple of investors who accompanied him on this crazy adventure.

The idea, which he called Pet Rock, was simple: a smooth, oval-shaped rock, less than the size of a hand, was placed in a cardboard box with holes on the sides so that it could “breathe” and on a bed of shavings.


First, he bought the stones in a construction materials store, and when the demand grew, he began to bring them from a Mexican beach.

But the star part was a voluminous 32-page instruction manual on how to care for the pet. Written quite gracefully and bordering on the absurd,

Among other recommendations for training the new pet, he ensured that the commands “sit”, stop,” or “play dead” were easy to teach. Others like “wheel” required some help from the owner, as happened with the command “attack”. While some, like “get up” or come,” were impossible for me to learn, (The Great Copy).

This crap started selling in the summer of 1975 for a price of $3.95. He presented it at important gift fairs, such as those in San Francisco or New York, and the media covered the launch. And the orders began to arrive.

In the first few weeks, he and his wife were in charge of the entire process, but there came a time when he had to hire people to be able to handle the level of orders that came in.

The 3 Marketing Tips From Which You Can Sell Anything

  1. Identify the problem and create the product to meet the needs of the problem.
  2. Advertising is not an expense; it’s an investment, but it needs the proper strategy and execution.
  3. Copywriting, yes, is the secret to drive sales by persuading people to buy.

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